Ornamental Brick Wall (Detail), Canal Pier NYC, 1997 - 1998, 50 feet long - 7 feet wide- 12 feet high






Canalstreet Pier Installation, bricks - iron, 1993 - 2002





1999  sphinx in snow










Pier 31 Project by Christian Piper in NYC

Video: Simon Grome, 1998







1998 Canal Pier






Mandala, unfinished, bricks, Ø 28 feet











An Assemblage of  Materials, all remnants of urban
accumulations, woodbeams, rubber and ornamental metallmounts , stone, 
to enhance the unnoticed into an artdwelling for public view. Installed
under the Viaduct of the Manhattan Bridge, Lower Westside
for the duratin of one year  
2nd Installation at Meru Art Gallery, Brooklyn 2007





Heaps of Sand      2003

Chrome Rings, 750 kg Sand

Meru Art Gallery 








manhattan bridge viaduct, camp installation, 1998  viaduct -






manhattan bridge viaduct - wood sculpture, 1998res






manhattan bridge viaduct, hut installation with oriental rug, 2001






Sun & Moon   2012

  210 cm /  Bronze / Polished Granite Sandstone

   Private Collection Utting





Woodsculpture, 140 x 38 cm, 2013













hut detail heide, 2013
























1998 Night Sphinx Installation - Canal Pier NYC