Christian Piper 




1976 - 2015




reduktionismus- bauhaus education


Map of manhattan to my acknowledgement the downtown part from 23 street - the most creative in many aspects 

 the upper part the crystallization of that, with its galleries, museums, theaters to be marked with an ornament.














Ink -  Stone - Paper 2000



 The beauty of flowers is their reserve   Henry David Thoreau


                               The  Wedding



Anyone who teaches me, deserves my respect   Sonia Rumzi




gilded to enhance


centered to concentrate



Edition of 1


Avon Book

one copy left



New York








View from my Window

Water's quiet pool    silent movement of deer    anticipation     darting motion of the eyes    a twig snaps    thirstydeer flees    quiet water still       Poem by Frederic Parker


Remnant from a painting gone




Picture Book


Picture Book



Arabesque View





                                                                                                                                        for Pina


               Negresco   Area Afterhour Club 1997




Made in China






 Fragment  80 x100 cm Vinyl/Linen  2015



Red On Cement 2012





Two Dancers Ink on Paper








Edition of 5  Din A 4


Truck TireTube stretched on Board 18 x 18 cm  1999



Pencil  modified



Canal Strreet Pier, Westside ManhattanPencildraft on board for above Wall, this concept from the draft was done for red bricks, the one above is done with compressed tar tiles.About 4 month in the doing it had to be dismantled, the Soastguard mentioned the sight for ships coming in from the Atlantic Oceanwere hindered in the free sight, the Pier expands quiet far into the Hudson River because in the unfinished version it came to about seven meters high, the finished version as planned would have been nine meters with an finish in a Chrome sculptured top.After the taking down of it the stones were used for the sphinx shown below.





Still in Work


A joy thats shared is a joy made double - John Ray




Slant  Vynil / Linen 80 x 100 cm  2015




                                                                            Vinyl on  Linen  80 x 100 cm 2015 


               80 x 100 cm  Vinyl/Linen  2015















Tatoo You Stones LP Backsleeve 1987  Keith Richards


Beau from 46th Street from my Windowtele 1976



                   Orly Airport Paris





                                                                                                                          SW Topography of Japan  Vinyl/Bronze 2015 

                                                                                                                        Dedicated to my teacher Dr. Schneider

             Summer 2015  Vinyl / Linen 80 x 100 cm



Malibu Beach


Aju  Khandros  Palace, an  Ati  Yogini  practioner  who  lived  nearly 50 years in  total  darkness  and  perceived  her hut  as a celestial  mansion   (1848-1953)



One, two, three, (Ichi, ni, san,) Tesshu 1836-1888 Japan.

These were written in response to a farmers request to have something anyone could read.

The simplest possible characters written in the most profound style.

This calligraphic method may be described as no "method".

Before that stage can be attained, he insisted, one must have a sound foundation with the brush

.                                                                              New students were assigned the single one stroke character - ichi - for three years.(from

from Sacred Calligraphy, John Stevens, Shambala Publication



                                                                            Blue White Royalties  Chinese market 26th sreet


chinese  布袋  pinyin Bùdài









112   Malibu Beach California  ink on photoprint 1988

not on purpuse




                                                                                                                       Illustration to Francis of Assisi 2001










 Ceiling mural by Giotto was the take on,starting with the circular composition to split-mirror the image and continuing to the center and freeing from the iconographic dominance to  cm  A/C 2009




Oil / Canvas,  140 x 200  cm  1993



Bodhgaya 80 x 100 cm  Aqryl Linen 2009





80 x 100 cm 2015 A/L


Varanasie Serie 5,   80 x 100 cm  A/C  2014


Woodcarving 140 x 34 x 4 cm  2014 


Ink on Paper  2007